Upper part of many program windows is not displayed (graphic error) in Opera, Word, Outlook...

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I have the issue, that the upper part of windows - mostly the menu ribbon - is not displayed. However: also menu bars and symbol rows (in apps with classic menus) are missing. See screenprint:Zwischenablage01

If the program is a browser, the missing aparts reapear if I press F11 2 times (fullscreen and back into windows).


If I click in the empty area (top of screenprint) the app in the background (the app "below" the windows with the empty part) is promted in forground.

Many apps are effected and it is NOT graphic driver connected (I see this syntom on many machines since windows vista and currently on my workstation with intel graphics wich was later upgraded to NVIDIA and shows the same symtoms with any graphic card or driver).

thank you for your help.

by the way: IrfanView is also affected as I realized creating the screenshots:


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  1. Limitless Technology 43,916 Reputation points

    Hello Daniel,

    Thank you for your question and for reaching out with your question today.

    As you have ruled out Display Drivers and are seeing this on multiple computers, it would seem that it's an issue with software or configuration common to the different PCs. Could this be a group policy issue, common software or configuration across your devices?

    Please work through the following to see if they help:

    Check Display Scaling Settings.

    Update or Disable Third-Party Software.

    Check Compatibility Mode.

    Check for Windows Updates.

    Disable Hardware Acceleration.

    Reset App Settings.

    Check for Corrupted System Files.

    Try a Different User Account.

    Check for Malware.

    System Restore.

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  2. Daniel Schmatz 0 Reputation points

    @Limitless Technology

    Hello! Thank you for your answer.

    I tryed everything exept system restore (since it is an many systems)

    Saidly it is not so easy. The problem occours on Domain PCs as well as stand alone machines. There is NO Hardware simularity, the only thing in common is "Windows 10/11" and "MS Office" (different versions) as well as IrfanView (wich does nothing permanent if closed) and Adobe Acrobat Reader (also different versions).

    I think it is a thing, if Adobe Acrobat WAS started in the current windows session, the issue reapiers on each Application Start (Irfan View, Edge, Word, Outlook) as well as modern ui apps as "System Settings" and can only be solved by a system restart after it apears the first time.

    Correction: I just right now tried to change "Screen scale" from 100% up to 125 % and back immedeatly and it was gone for this windows session.

    User's image

    So the issue has to be related to the windows Scale function - how can I fix it?

    greetings daniel

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