is Wake-on-LAN support mandatory for ndis miniport driver (for after ndis6.20)?

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Hello !

I work on a ndis6.3 miniport driver.

NDISTest 6.5 PM_Requirements test failes due to not-supported-WOL.

I can not find any information that suggest that it is mandatory.

Our NIC does not support WOL for now. That is why i set WakeOnlan related properties as not supported(NdisDeviceStateUnspecified).

However the test demands those options(wkaeonline and magicpacket).

If driver should support those (filtering ,masking should done by driver not by device) that means in low state(for now we have D0 and D3 only) i should neither interrupt not dma deactivate. If that will be the case then it will not be in real low-state ?

In short :

  1. Where can I find reliable info/document for min required power management properties for ndis6.2 (and later) miniport drivers?
  2. WOL support only at driver , not at device, means low power state would not be actually low. Is that right?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hello there,

    There is no section starting that it is mandatory.

    This article provides an overview of the features that are provided with the power management interface that is introduced in Windows 7 for NDIS 6.20 drivers.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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    Hello !Thank you for reply.

    I'm sorry but it does not resolve the problem.

    All relates documents i have already read.

    One of the hlk tests insist that this driver (ndis 6.3 in my case) shall support WOL.

    NDISTest 6.5 PM_Requirements test failes due to not-supported-WOL.

    PCI\VEN_XXX%DEV_XX . does not indicate support for bitmap wake patterns. It is required for certification for this device.

    and similar error messages related to WOL; magic wake pattern, ARP low power offload, WoL pattern capacity and NS low power offload.

    May be I should ask that first, is it normal that there are Ndis6.5 tests under the test list for a Ndis6.3 driver ?

    Best Regards


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