MDT Image deployment hangs at "just a moment"

Gary Mansell 111 Reputation points

I have a new MDT image that, when I deploy to a machine, hangs at the "just a moment" configuration phase forever.

I have found that I can prompt it to then continue (to installing applications phase) by RDP'ing in as Local Admin and then the MDT TS "State Restore / Gather Local stage" kick into gear and the application installs complete and it finishes the deployment with no errors.

Also, Power cycling the machine whilst stuck at the "just a moment" screen allows it to continue to successful completion - but I am not so sure this is a good idea!

When the machine is hung, I can see that it is joined to the Domain, and that the C:\MININT and C:_SMSTaskSequence (or similar) junk folders are still present and the BDD.log bas not been copied to WinDir\Temp\DeploymentLogs (so it's as if the cleanup has not happened?)

Here in this screenshot of the final BDD.log, you can see that it is just stuck since 29th Aug 14:30 until I then login using RDP as Local Admin - and then it continues, quite happily. On the console it shows "Just a Moment":

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I attach the entire BDD.log - maybe someone can tell me why it is getting stuck here and how to fix?



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  1. Gary Mansell 111 Reputation points

    Here is the event viewer admin events showing the time of it kicking back in to life when I logged in via RDP today:

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    There are hundreds of Client-Licensing errors (not sure if they are relevant - but they are around the time that it hang yesterday during deployment):

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    I have had a look through, and I cannot see a Reboot in the Event Viewer - so my best guess is that it is hanging before the Restart stage of the Task Sequence...

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  2. XinGuo-MSFT 13,856 Reputation points

    I have a new MDT image

    If it will appear that hangs at "just a moment" when we use an old image?

    so my best guess is that it is hanging before the Restart stage of the Task Sequence

    Please try to replace the restart computer step with Run Command line: shutdown /r /t 0 /f

  3. Gary Mansell 111 Reputation points

    I have fixed up the disabled Recovery Environment in the Master image, re-captured it, and when I deploy it, it still hangs at the "Just a Moment" screen when it does the first Administrator auto-login after booting ito the deployed image on the machine.

    But, if I login via RDP as Admin, then the MDT Task sequence will eventually continue from the "State Restore" section of the Task Sequence and complete successfully.

    I upload a new set of the log here (the panther/setuperr.log and panther/UnattendGC/setuperr.log - are both empty files now)


    Any suggestions what is hanging the deployment, woulc be welcome?