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Just need a script I can run in Powershell that will take a list of PC hostnames, ping them and return the IP addresses.

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    You can try the following:

    ## Q:\Test\2017\01\21\SO_41785413.ps1
    $FileOut = "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Downloads\Computers.csv"
    ## Ping subnet
    $Subnet = "192.168.50."
        Start-Process -WindowStyle Hidden ping.exe -Argumentlist "-n 1 -l 0 -f -i 2 -w 1 -4 $SubNet$_"
    $Computers =(arp.exe -a | Select-String "$SubNet.*dynam") -replace ' +',','|
      ConvertFrom-Csv -Header Computername,IPv4,MAC,x,Vendor|
                       Select Computername,IPv4,MAC
    ForEach ($Computer in $Computers){
      nslookup $Computer.IPv4|Select-String -Pattern "^Name:\s+([^\.]+).*$"|
          $Computer.Computername = $_.Matches.Groups[1].Value
    $Computers | Export-Csv $FileOut -NotypeInformation
    #$Computers | Out-Gridview

    This will generate:

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