Where do I find the namespace containing wrapper for function os_proc_available_memory(), or equivalent, for iOS?

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I submitted a similar question in 2021 for Xamarin.iOS: "Xamarin.iOS: Where do I find the namespace containing wrapper for function os_proc_available_memory() in Apple's "OS" framework?"

The answer at that time was that particular API is not exposed in Xamarin.iOS.

Today's question is for .NET Maui, and I added "or equivalent" to the question in case there is some other API for iOS to accomplish the same thing. The documentation for os_proc_available_memory() says: "Call this function to determine the amount of memory available to your app."

Thank you.

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    You need a binding project. Maui uses the mono binding tools.


    currently Maui can only call objective-c apis.

    A video


    note: iOS uses the Mach kernel.

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