Button command is not working with Binding context in xamarin forms using MVVM

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If we give BindingContext value for button , then button command is not hitting on click event in xamarin forms with MVVM architecture.

From the below code snippet I have given BindingContext value as 1. So, when I click on Button the command is not working


                            <Button BindingContext="1" Text="Retry" Command="{Binding PairConductorSensorCommand}" HorizontalOptions="FillAndExpand" IsVisible="False" Style="{StaticResource FormButton}"/>

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  1. Leon Lu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 53,756 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    You can do this by adding Xamarin.Forms Bindable Properties when you create BorderlessEntry.cs like following code.

    public class BorderlessEntry : Entry
            public static readonly BindableProperty ControlIndexProperty =
      BindableProperty.Create("ControlIndex", typeof(int), typeof(BorderlessEntry), -1);
            public int ControlIndex
                get { return (int)GetValue(ControlIndexProperty); }
                set { SetValue(ControlIndexProperty, value); }

    Then you can set ControlIndex="1" in the xaml like following code, please remove the BindingContext="1"

          <local:BorderlessEntry x:Name="tbx_Conductor_Sensor_MAC_ID_1"  ControlIndex="1" Text="{Binding TbxConductorSensorMacID1Text}">

    Then you can get this BorderlessEntry in the viewmodel and get the controlindex as well.

    ConductorSensorMacIDTextChangeCommand = new Command((e) =>
                   BorderlessEntry rs = e as BorderlessEntry;
                   Console.WriteLine("============"+rs.ControlIndex + "============");

    Best Regards,

    Leon Lu

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