I am unable to create an endpoint for DNS private resolver- inbound or outbound

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I created a subnet with no resource assigned to it in the 10.26.****/28 network. However, when creating a endpoints- inbound/outbound in the DNS private resolver, there are no subnets available to select. Any hints?
I have looked at this previous response to a similar post:
A subnet must be a minimum of /28 address space or a maximum of /24 address space.

  • A subnet can't be shared between multiple DNS resolver endpoints. A single subnet can only be used by a single DNS resolver endpoint.
  • All IP configurations for a DNS resolver inbound endpoint must reference the same subnet. Spanning multiple subnets in the IP configuration for a single DNS resolver inbound endpoint isn't allowed.
  • The subnet used for a DNS resolver inbound endpoint must be within the virtual network referenced by the parent DNS resolver.
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