After attempting failover cloned virtual machine didn't assigned public IP Address

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Hey there,

Please tell me the solution for my issue, I'll be thankful for your concern.

First, I created a resource group in Germany West Central I and I created a VM in Germany West Central Then I went to Disaster Recovery and selected a new location for West Europe Everything worked fine it created a new Resource Group named xxxxx-ASR I have all my components in it. I went to VaultRG and went to Replicated Items and clicked on Failover. By doing this new virtual machine was created in xxxxx-ASR resouce grp which is absolutely fine but here I faced an issue regarding my IP address. When I opened my replicated VM there was no Public IP address given to it.

Then I went to Network Interface and clicked on IP Congifugation to associate a static public IP address with hostmachineIP and when i clicked on save I found this Error over and over again

Error: Failed to update network interface 'siterecovery690-test'. Error: Resource /subscriptions/bd398101-a516-4b08-a345-1978cba628d7/resourceGroups/DisasterRecoveryTest/providers/Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses/SiteRecovery-ip referenced by resource /subscriptions/bd398101-a516-4b08-a345-1978cba628d7/resourceGroups/DisasterRecoveryTest-asr/providers/Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces/siterecovery690-test was not found. Please make sure that the referenced resource exists, and that both resources are in the same region.

I tried a lot to resolve this issue...... please figure it out

With Regarda !!

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines
An Azure service that is used to provision Windows and Linux virtual machines.
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    Thanks for asking your questions!

    The issue you are facing because the server and IP are not in same region! In-order to achieve that you can use

    This will help you keeping same public IP across regions. Or you can look at other possibilities as Azure Traffic Manger and Front door based on your requirement for public IP.

    Alternatively you can pre-provison a public IP in Target region and use Recovery plans to attach that after failover:

    Recovering large applications can be a complex task. Manual steps make the process prone to error, and the person running the failover might not be aware of all app intricacies. You can use a recovery plan to impose order, and automate the actions needed at each step, using Azure Automation runbooks for failover to Azure, or scripts. For tasks that can't be automated, you can insert pauses for manual actions into recovery plans. There are a couple of types of tasks you can configure:

    Tasks on the Azure VM after failover: When you're failing over to Azure, you typically need to perform actions so that you can connect to the VM after failover. For example:

    Create a public IP address on the Azure VM.

    Assign a network security group to the network adapter of the Azure VM.

    Add a load balancer to an availability set.

    Tasks inside VM after failover: These tasks typically reconfigure the app running on the machine, so that it continues to work correctly in the new environment. For example:

    Modify the database connection string inside the machine.

    Change the web server configuration or rules.

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