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Good afternoon to the team, I wanted to find out if there is a limit for number of keys (key value pairs) that can be used in azure app configuration? I went through the docs and it is only mentioning the size limit for a single key value pair, which is 10kB. In our app configuration we've added 122 key-value pairs, all the keys up to 100 are reflecting fine, and none of the key-value pairs after are not reflecting. Trying to figure out the reason why it is happening. Thank you

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Azure App Configuration
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    In order to get all settings regardless of how many use listConfigurationSettings(). You can either loop through results or get them by page. All the same key and label filters work.

    There is a good example of using this in the test cases:

    const client = new appConfig.AppConfigurationClient(
    async function getSettings() {
      const settingList = await client.listConfigurationSettings();
      //Either of the following methods will work (you don't need both)
      //loop through settings
      var settings = [];
      for await (const setting of settingList) {
      //get by page
      let settingsViaPageIterator= [];
      for await (const page of settingList.byPage()) {
        settingsViaPageIterator = settingsViaPageIterator.concat(page.items);

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  1. Nadia Kim - Vendor 41 Reputation points

    Thank you. So at the top of the list t after I click '"load more values" the count shows 102. But when I filter as you mentioned, with * the missing keys are not showing up and the number shows 100 keys. I also tried filtering by selecting all labels, the same thing, only shows 100 keys. How it works now, in our code we have default files where we have our flags listed, in appConfig for each environment we have a different resource where we list the flags accordingly, depending on what environment it is. Whenever we are using a certain environment our defaults are overwritten by corresponding appConfig values. So we are fetching all the keys from appConfig and they overwrite our defaults. For some reason we are only able to fetch first 100 of keys, however there is no limitation on our side. 36161-screen-shot-2020-10-29-at-90437-am.png

    on that image these are the last keys fetched from appConfig, showNewERMsg: 'false' is the last one. However in appConfig itself we have 2 more keys

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