Azure Function app with timer trigger suddenly stopped firing

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I have a function with a timer trigger configured with following:

            "bindings": [
                    "name": "Timer",
                    "type": "timerTrigger",
                    "direction": "in",
                    "schedule": "0 1 * * 1"

This has been triggering every 7 days without issue, however suddenly stopped after the last invocation on 14th August:

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After clicking around the the Azure portal to check for any errors, I've noticed this has just fired without any intervention:

User's image

It's as though this function has just been frozen. Any ideas? I'm concerned this is going to happen again, without absolutely no indication as to the cause

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  1. JananiRamesh-MSFT 11,671 Reputation points

    Hi Lee Spottiswood thanks for reaching out. From the description i understand that you have a timer trigger that is set to trigger at 1AM only on every Monday's but it suddenly stopped on 14th aug and it got triggered again when you open azure portal.

    Is your function app running in consumption or APP service plan? If it's in an App Service Plan, you need to make sure that Always On is enabled. It is enabled by default on Function Apps, but it's good to double check.

    If it is on consumption plan please verify the steps mentioned in below document.

    You can also run the Diagnose and solve problems on your function app and search for "Timer Trigger Issue Analysis" to get the insights and recommendation.

    please let me know incase of further questions.

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