Fix .NET MAUI entry special characters not displayed

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I just started using .NET MAUI and I followed this tutorial for beginners:

In this tutorial, the main view contains an entry and a button next to it to add the text in the entry to a collection view below. Then, we can tap on any collection view items to access a detailed page with the title being the item's name.

My problem occurs when I type for example "C++" in the entry. I then add it to the collection with the button which shows correctly a collection view item with the text "C++". But then when I tap on it to go to the detailed view, I see the page title "C ", with the "++" replaced by 2 white spaces.

I have the same problem if I type any character that is not alphanumeric. How can I fix this and why is this occurring in the first place?

Thank you very much

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    That solved it for me! For anyone wondering, here is my function that is called when I tap on one of the collection view items:

    async Task Tap(string s)
        s = Uri.EscapeDataString(s); // I convert the string before passing it in parameter
        await Shell.Current.GoToAsync($"{nameof(DetailPage)}?Text={s}");