Can't use Dell Support Assist on dell precsion 7760 after installing windows 10 teams.

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Dear Microsoft I can't restore the dell precision 7760 from dell support assist after i installed windows 10 teams version 22h2 and after i try to use the dell support assist in bios it just goes back to windows 10 teams. So something is messed up with the dell support assist os recovery. My dad won't listen says the pc is fine or the people that we got it from. So how do I fix the dell os recovery in bios without going back to windows 10 teams. I already tried a usb drive to restore windows 10 or 11 and still won't work. FJ

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  1. Reza-Ameri 16,156 Reputation points

    Try visit Dell support website and contact their support and they might be able to send you recovery media or help you to fix the issue:

    If you want to install Windows 10, then you may try download and create bootable media from:

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  2. FJ Vossenberg 0 Reputation points

    Hello i tried to re install windows 10 or 11 on the laptop with a usb drive didn't work still went back to windows 10 teams 22h2 and the support os recovery didn't work. I can't download windows 10 or 11 because windows 10 teams 22h2 is already installed on it so I don't know..

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  3. FJ Vossenberg 0 Reputation points

    could i try the windows 10 insider program on windows 10 teams 22h2 and see if it will re install that way on teams?

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  4. FJ Vossenberg 0 Reputation points

    Would somebody please respond because like the computer is waking up in the middle of the night on windows 10 teams 22h2 and I don't know how to fix it. Try to turn off wake support but still waking up when I close the lid.

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  5. Dave Patrick 393.1K Reputation points MVP

    Windows 10 is a microsoft operating system.

    Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform developed by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products.

    So one has little to do with the other. You can download / create Windows 10 22H2 installation media here.

    You can download Teams here.

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