Question about re-installing the client after a site migration

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I'm in the middle of migrating all clients to a new site. I've migrated applications, packages, Task Sequences etc. along with their respective deployments. I obviously dont want the clients to re-run the deployments that have been migrated over and as far as I know, since they were migrated using a migration job, that shouldn't happen. The issue is that we use Anders Rodland's Client Health script, and if the cleint hasn't changed site codes using the vbs script we will be deploying, it will detect that the client is in the wrong site and re-install the client with the correct settings for the new site. If this happens will all deployments re-run? Almost all deployments are Applications, so if that happens they should just detect the app and stop, but it could be a real problem if the TS's or Software Update deployments re-ran. Any thoughts?

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  1. Jason Sandys 31,121 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Software Updates are no different than Applications as they rely on the compliance of the updates deployed.

    From memory Task Sequences are disabled as well as Programs (not their deployments, the actual TSes and Programs). You'll need to manually sort out when to re-enable them and what to do with the deployments to prevent them from running again if that's the desire.

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  2. John Bigg 21 Reputation points

    I've gone through the items I've migrated and they all appear to be active. Another issue appears to be that the migration jobs will create the migrated object folder structure, however it does not assign any security scopes to the folders themselves, so they are effectively invisible to all except full admins.

    Anyway, I guess the original question stands: if I uninstall and reinstall the client, is it likely that the machines will lose the run history on the migrated deployments and re-run them?