Why need reboot after set NVMe device disable throuth call SetupDiCallClassInstaller

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In response to a DIF code supplied by SetupDiCallClassInstaller, class installers and co-installers might perform operations that require the system to be restarted. In such situations, the installer or co-installer should do the following:

  1. Call SetupDiGetDeviceInstallParams to obtain the SP_DEVINSTALL_PARAMS structure.
  2. Set the DI_NEEDREBOOT or DI_NEEDRESTART flag in the structure's Flags member.
  3. Call SetupDiSetDeviceInstallParams, supplying the updated SP_DEVINSTALL_PARAMS structure, to save the revised Flags member.

After__SetupDiCallClassInstaller__returns, the device installation application that called it should callSetupDiGetDeviceInstallParams, check the flags, and request a restart if necessary.

I'd like to know when the installer or co-installer will set DI_NEEDREBOOT, thanks.

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