how to import opend3d c++

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I'm new to Visual studio c++ gui. I have worked with python & gui before. Just trying to import the open3d into the gui but am having trouble with that, I do know c++ and how to use #include but am completely new to visual studio code.

The steps i took are as follows

  1. download and extract open3d c++ file
    1. []
  2. create a CLR .NET frame
    1. Screenshot 2023-09-05 101836
  3. import it into the following (Pathto refers to the path of the extracted folder from step 1)
  4. . C/C++ > General> Additional include directories> pathto\open3d\3rdpart\ (If i dont include it, i get errors with #include <Eigen\core> Screenshot 2023-09-05 102006 . VC++ Directories> Include directories> pathto\includeScreenshot 2023-09-05 101942
  5. Linker> Input> Additional dependencies> Open3D.lib Screenshot 2023-09-05 102106
    1. Linker> General> Additional Library directories> pathTo\libScreenshot 2023-09-05 102057
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