Hello. I have a problem with the TEAMS interface and viewing attendees

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I use MS Teams on a Macbook Pro. ( OS Monterey 12.6.7) Until recently everything was going well. My clients would send me a link to join a group that I had to train, I would click the link and start. If there were 4 people or under, I would see all on one screen in gallary mode. If there were more I would switch to large gallery mode. All good

Now it seems that the interface has changed. If I have 4 trainees I can still see on one screen in gallaery mode. If I have over 9 trainees I can switch to large gallery mode in order to see all trainees on one screen.

But if I have 5 6 7 or 8 people, I have to split over 2-3 screens. There is no middle option to see 5 6 7 or 8 people, people on one screen

You can only do one screen if it 4 people and under + me, or 9 people and over + me

Of course I can choose "together mode" but that is very small and does not display the attendees names.

This is driving me nuts and I just don't understand it. Earlier this year I did not have this problem

I am using the web/browser version when I join these meetings , but I do have one client where the client made an account and logged in that way. I still have the same problem

I have also downloaded the teams app. Every time I create and account to sign in, I get the message WE'RE SORRY WE'VE RUN INTO AN ISSUE... I unistall and reinstall and get the same message.

Apologies, a few issues there

If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Mason Wheare 70 Reputation points

    It seems like you're experiencing a change in the Microsoft Teams interface and have some issues with the number of attendees displayed in gallery view. Here are some steps you can take to address this:

    1. Check Teams Updates: Ensure that your Microsoft Teams application, whether it's the web version or the downloaded app, is up to date. Sometimes, updates include changes to the interface and functionality.
    2. Gallery View Limit: the gallery view in Microsoft Teams might have limitations based on screen size and resolution. It's possible that the update you noticed altered these limitations. Make sure your screen resolution settings are optimal for gallery view.
    3. Feedback to Microsoft: If you believe this is a recent change and it's causing usability issues, you can provide feedback directly to Microsoft through the Teams app. They often take user feedback into consideration when making updates.
    4. Alternative Layouts: If you still can't find a satisfactory solution, consider using alternative layout options. For instance, you mentioned "Together Mode" which combines attendees into a virtual space. Although it doesn't display names prominently, it might be the best option for larger groups.

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