Run an SQL database from a usb drive/memory stick

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OK, I am new to this SQL stuff so this is probably basic housekeeping to you. I have learnt now that you should not have two different SQL databases running on one server, will we have been. I need to move them apart as the two different software applications need updates pending and at different times going forward. A software update will not know which database is which and I understand will update both. So I am looking at either 1: moving one database to another server, 2: installing another small server dedicated to the second database, or 3: run the second database from a suitably sized USB stick plus a bit extra on the first server. Are the options valid workarounds, and which does the community suggest is the better working practice ?


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  1. Olaf Helper 34,276 Reputation points

    I have learnt now that you should not have two different SQL databases running on one server

    What's that for a nonsense???

    I have several SQL Server server and on each I have 10 and more different databases; that's waht SQL Server is designed for and it can easiely handle. it.

    Hosting SQL Server databases on a USB stick works, but it's not supported and you run into high risks of damage etcs; don't do it!

  2. Javier Villegas 635 Reputation points MVP


    On SQL Server you can host multiple user databases on the same instance. if is a production environment it has to be sized properly in terms of CPU, memory and IOPS

    Definitively do not consider any external storage to host you user databases