How to adjust the RDP settings in Bastion?

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For some reasons, I have to directly connect to my Virtual Machine using the Windows native client. The command line below is one I am using.

az network bastion rdp --name "<BastionName>" --resource-group "<ResourceGroupName>" --target-ip-address "<VMIPAddress>"

I have a window which looks like that.

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I was expecting to get something like below to adjust the RDP setting to high bandwidth.

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If anyone can help, it would be highly appriciated.

Thanks a lot!


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Azure VMware Solution
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Azure Bastion
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    Hello, @88584882 ! I've done some additional research and I'm including it here in the answer below. I hope this helps!

    How do I adjust RDP settings in Bastion?

    When using Bastion, there are fewer RDP options available to you as a lot of this is done behind the scenes:

    As you can see here, when using native client Bastion connects to the VM via RDP from within the NSG and then relays the connection back to you via 443, Internet:

    Diagram shows a connection via native client.

    There are some advanced configuration options depending on how you configure Bastion:

    These are largely out of scope for single user scenarios (like instances and host scaling) but I did notice that during my own testing, I was seeing much better performance while watching video even in full screen when compared to a classic RPD connection without Bastion. While not quite a desktop experience, I was getting roughly half the frame rate in full screen with some noticeable slow downs when watching full frame animation media as opposed to a presenter:

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    Additional options when using the Standard SKU for Bastion:

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    Additional reading:

    Deploy Bastion with manual settings

    Create an RDP connection to a Windows VM using Azure Bastion

    I hope this has been helpful! Your feedback is important so please take a moment to accept answers.

    If you still have questions, please let us know what is needed in the comments so the question can be answered. Thank you for helping to improve Microsoft Q&A!

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    thanks Kobulloc!

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