Windows 11 Rebooting repeatedly - V2 log file created

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I'm re-asking this question and have created a V2 log file with I believe the right information. Turned off VPN this time and the log file should have all the info needed (per the last response I got).

I'll add as much info as I can think of that may help. I use Windows 11 Pro. All updates have been made to the OS including the one I didn't want to make but 'Dell' support made 22H. It appears I can only uninstall 2 of the updates (Previews), nothing major.

I run Norton 360 and use VPN (as mentioned, I turned off VPN to create the V2 log file). There does appear to be some conflict between Norton and Windows 11. It was a Windows update around 8/15 when I first noticed issues with the VPN. When videos played (depending on the site - not related to any TV streaming by the way), the system would choke and reboot.

(okay, system just rebooted - grrrr). I'm beyond frustrated.

Now, I start the system, if I leave VPN off, and wait until other services start, the system used to be stable for a couple of hours. Apparently not anymore. The system is still rebooting randomly at least 7 - 10 times a day.

Here's a scenario. I start chrome on the NYTimes home page. If I read a news story that happens to have a video, I'll start the video and the system will typically reboot.

If I read a news story (no video), the open Amazon, and try to search an item, the system will reboot.

So video definitely seems to be an issue, and it can be any video. For example I was looking at a video on the Edge browser and the video started up, system made a hideous sound, like grinding nails on a chalk board, and rebooted.

I run ethernet on a Dell Laptop, XPS 15 12th gen just over a year old, plugged into a Thunderbolt dock. All drivers are current - at least everything I have checked.

Here's the link to the file:

Thanks for any insight.

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    The V2 log collector missed many files and was probably blocked by an antivirus.

    Uninstall the AV > make sure Microsoft defender is on > rerun the V2 log collector > post a share link into the newest post

    Where is the first thread?




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