Connecting to App Service mySql flexible Database from outside VNet

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A few months ago, when I created a "Web App + Database", I was later able to access the database in the Azure Web Console, click Networking, enable Public Access by IP, and then use mySql CLI from my computer to connect to the created database.

Now, I can no longer access this option in Networking on a new "Web App + Database" App Service. When creating the "Web App + Database", it defaults to a private network and I can't choose any other option.

How do I directly access an Azure Database for MySQL flexible server created with a "Web App + Database" App Service? I was not able to install any mySql tools on the VM for the web app.

Thanks for any help

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    Hi Kenny,

    Several different options besides your workaround.

    You could create the App Service and Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server separately, which would allow you to have public access to the database server.

    You could create a small VM and SSH to that and use the VM to do database tasks as needed. With a VM you would have much more freedom to install/modify things compared to your workaround.

    You could set up Virtual Network Gateway which would allow you connect to the virtual network directly from your local machine via Point-to-Site connection.

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