unable to navigate to url, which is included in appxmanifest file

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I have allowed my url in appxmanifest file as below and building application for windows 10. Same app build allows url in one device but not in any other devices. Any suggestion why it works only in one windows 10 tablet and not in others. if I open my app in browser without Xamrin container in non-working tablet, it worked, App is able to access url. But when that is in xamrin container, it doesn't work.

<uap:Rule Type="include" Match="https://assets.abc.com" WindowsRuntimeAccess="none"/>

Windows 10
Windows 10
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    I can help you with that.

    The issue you are facing is most likely due to the Windows Runtime Access setting in the appxmanifest file. The Windows Runtime Access setting determines whether the app can access certain features of the Windows Runtime, such as the web browser.

    In your case, you have set the Windows Runtime Access setting to "none". This means that the app cannot access the web browser. To fix the problem, you need to change the Windows Runtime Access setting to "full".

    To do this, open the appxmanifest file in a text editor and locate the following line:

    <uap:Rule Type="include" Match="https://assets.abc.com" WindowsRuntimeAccess="none"/>

    Change the value of the WindowsRuntimeAccess attribute to "full". The line should now look like this:

    <uap:Rule Type="include" Match="https://assets.abc.com" WindowsRuntimeAccess="full"/>