Tip on Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 not Working

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Everything else on my Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 pen works except the tip. The side button, back shortcut button, and the LED still works indicating that the pen is charging. The eraser function on the back of the pen is still able to be detected on the screen of my Surface Pro 8. But the tip doesn't work and neither can it be detected by my laptop. I have looked at other threads related to my question to try and fix the issue and nothing has worked (uninstalling the drivers for the pen, running Surface Diagnostic Toolkit, restarting my device, being up to date with system updates, disconnecting the tip from the pen, disconnecting/connecting the pen to my device).

I did some research online and found out that excessive removal of the tip can lead to internal damage on the pen and cause it to stop functioning properly. Given this is the most probable reason for my pen's malfunction, would it be best to buy a new set of tips for my pen or just buy a new pen entirely? The warranty on my device has already expired. What are my possible options at this point?

Thank you.

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