Data migration from oracle to azure sql database through Azure data factory

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I am performing the data migration through azure data factory for the below database.

Source database- oracle database.

Target database- azure sql database.

Total tables- 80

Empty tables Structure- I created through the auto create functionality of the ADF.

For constraints, indexes, foreign keys, primary keys -

I have created the scripts separately for all the 80 tables for the constraints, indexes, foreign keys and primary keys.

I cannot use the SSMA tool as per security concerns, so manually creating the sql scripts is the fine approach to do ?

Azure SQL Database
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    Database Schema Conversion Toolkit is an extension available on Azure Data Studio for converting Oracle database schemas to Azure SQL that can really help you in this migration. The toolkit can help you migrate the full table definitions (columns, indexes, primary key, foreign key, unique and check constraints) and all associated programming objects (procedures, triggers, etc.).

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