How to resolve authentication error when using Langchain with OpenAI Azure

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Even though I'm using the key generated in my keys and endpoint section of my Azure OpenAI instance. I am still getting the following error when I try to integrate it with Langchain:

AuthenticationError                       Traceback (most recent call last)
c:\Users\Samirit Saha\OneDrive\Desktop\langchainpdf.ipynb Cell 4 line 7
      4 from langchain.llms import AzureOpenAI
      6 embeddings = OpenAIEmbeddings()
----> 7 doc_search = Chroma.from_documents(texts,embeddings)
      8 chain = RetrievalQA.from_chain_type(llm=AzureOpenAI(model_kwargs={'engine':'gpt-35-turbo-16k'}),chain_type='stuff', retriever = doc_search.as_retriever())

File c:\Users\Samirit Saha\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\Lib\site-packages\langchain\vectorstores\, in Chroma.from_documents(cls, documents, embedding, ids, collection_name, persist_directory, client_settings, client, collection_metadata, **kwargs)
    610 texts = [doc.page_content for doc in documents]
    611 metadatas = [doc.metadata for doc in documents]
--> 612 return cls.from_texts(
    613     texts=texts,
    614     embedding=embedding,
    615     metadatas=metadatas,
    616     ids=ids,
    617     collection_name=collection_name,
    618     persist_directory=persist_directory,
    619     client_settings=client_settings,
    620     client=client,
    621     collection_metadata=collection_metadata,
    622     **kwargs,
    623 )

File c:\Users\Samirit Saha\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311\Lib\site-packages\langchain\vectorstores\, in Chroma.from_texts(cls, texts, embedding, metadatas, ids, collection_name, persist_directory, client_settings, client, collection_metadata, **kwargs)
    766         rbody, rcode,, rheaders, stream_error=stream_error
    767     )
    768 return resp

AuthenticationError: Incorrect API key provided: 8e7248f9********************ba39. You can find your API key at
Azure OpenAI Service
Azure OpenAI Service
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  1. Akash Chaudhary 5 Reputation points

    from the above error output, I can figure out that you're calling the endpoint not the Azure OpenAI endpoint.

    Instead of importing AzureOpenAI from langchain.llms try AzureChatOpenAI as you're using gpt-35-turbo-16k model. Also install openai package if not installed and try to import the same.

    from langchain.chat_models import AzureChatOpenAI
    import openai

    Set up the openai type and base

    openai.api_key = "AzureOpenAI key"
    openai.api_base = "" 
    openai.api_type = 'azure'
    openai.api_version = '2023-03-15-preview'

    Now passing the llm to the chain use AzureChatOpenAI instead of AzureOpenAI

    llm = AzureChatOpenAI(
    openai_api_base="Your base address should look like",
    openai_api_key="Your Azure OpenAI Key",

    similarly you need to provide detail for OpenAIEmbeddings()

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