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I tried to reset these apps and I've tried to do everything that I could.

For Microsoft edge, and Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft graph mail API, and Microsoft graph groups API, and Microsoft graph profile API.

Thank you.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
A Microsoft cross-platform web browser that provides privacy, learning, and accessibility tools.
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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
A Microsoft customizable chat-based workspace.
7,611 questions
Microsoft Graph Groups API
Microsoft Graph Groups API
A Microsoft API that creates and manages different types of groups and group functionality.
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Microsoft Graph Profile API
Microsoft Graph Profile API
A Microsoft API that retrieves the profile of the signed-in user or another user with a valid Azure AD or Microsoft account.
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Microsoft Graph Mail API
Microsoft Graph Mail API
A Microsoft API that supports accessing data in users' primary mailboxes and in shared mailboxes.
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    I'm a Beginner so I don't know what it means.❤

    I'm is 4th grade.

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    Resetting Edge:

    Open PowerShell as Admin. Use the following command:

    Get-Process | Where-Object { $.Name -eq "msedge" } | ForEach-Object { Stop-Process -Id $.Id -Force }

    use the following command to remove the "Default" folder and reset Edge:

    Remove-Item -Path "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default" -Recurse -Force

    For Microsoft Teams:

    • Press Win + R to open the Run dialog.
    • Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and press Enter.
    • Delete all the files and folders in the Teams folder except for the "Downloads" folder.
    • Restart Teams.

    Microsoft Graph :

    does not provide a direct "reset" functionality for its mail API. However, if you want to revoke or reset permissions, you can do so by managing your application registration and permissions in Azure AD, which is where you configure the permissions for Microsoft Graph APIs.

    Microsoft Graph does not have a specific API endpoint or operation to reset or delete Microsoft 365 groups or Microsoft Teams teams. You need to manage group deletion and reset within your Microsoft 365 environment using the appropriate tools and policies.

    The Microsoft Graph API does not provide a direct "reset" functionality for user profiles. If you want to update or modify user profile information using the Microsoft Graph API, you can do so by making appropriate API requests to update the user's properties.

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