Not Receiving KeyvaluePair in the response in Azure Invoice Parser using .Net Sdk

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   var client = new FormRecognizerClient(new Uri(endPoint), credential);
                Stream stream = file.OpenReadStream();
                var options = new RecognizeInvoicesOptions() { Locale = parserServiceLocale, Pages = { pageNumber.ToString() }, IncludeFieldElements = true };
                RecognizeInvoicesOperation operation = await client.StartRecognizeInvoicesAsync(stream, options);

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  1. JasonPan - MSFT 2,456 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Ashik Chittari,

    Does the gif below is you want ?


    Here is the sample code:

    using Azure.AI.FormRecognizer.DocumentAnalysis;
    using Azure;
    using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
    using Azure.AI.FormRecognizer;
    using Azure.AI.FormRecognizer.Models;
    namespace signalr_iwa.Controllers
        public class TestController : Controller
            private readonly IWebHostEnvironment _host;
            public TestController(IWebHostEnvironment host) {
                _host = host;
            private async Task WriteSseEventAsync(HttpResponse response, string data)
                await response.WriteAsync($"data: {data}\n\n");
                await response.Body.FlushAsync();
            public async Task formrecognizer() {
                string endpoint = "";
                string apiKey = "0631fa0****0f63723";
                var credential = new AzureKeyCredential(apiKey);
                var client = new FormRecognizerClient(new Uri(endpoint), credential);
                string invoicePath = Path.Combine(_host.WebRootPath, "pdf", "sample-invoice.pdf");
                using var stream = new FileStream(invoicePath, FileMode.Open);
                var options = new RecognizeInvoicesOptions()
                    IncludeFieldElements = true
                var operation = client.StartRecognizeInvoices(stream, options);
                Response<RecognizedFormCollection> operationResponse = operation.WaitForCompletionAsync().Result;
                RecognizedFormCollection recognizedInvoices = operationResponse.Value;
                var response = Response;
                response.Headers.Add("Content-Type", "text/event-stream; charset=utf-8");
                foreach (var recognizedForm in recognizedInvoices)
                    Console.WriteLine($"Form type: {recognizedForm.FormType}");
                    foreach (var field in recognizedForm.Fields)
                        if (field.Value.ValueData != null) {
                            Console.WriteLine($"Field name: {field.Key}, Value: {field.Value.ValueData.Text}, Confidence: {field.Value.Confidence}");
                            await WriteSseEventAsync(response, $"Field name: {field.Key}, Value: {field.Value.ValueData.Text}, Confidence: {field.Value.Confidence}");
                            //await Task.Delay(800);

    I save the pdf file under the wwwroot.
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