How do I configure my Azure AD B2C user flow's button links ?

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In Azure AD B2C, I have added a sign in user flow to my pageUser's image

I am using a custom page content that I stored inside a blob container (I made sure that my .cshtml files contains <div id="api"></div>).

I am also using a custom page content for the Forgot password page.

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Something I want to do is set the link of the cancel button of the for the forgot password page so that it redirects to the login page.

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This could be done using static links inside the page, but that's not what I want to do.

This is because I am using .Net MAUI and have different environments. In other words, different environments with different links.

So my questions is : How can I set the links for the buttons of my user flow in .Net MAUI or Azure AD B2C ?

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