Azure Container App - Replica constantly one & it wont scale with Azure Service bus

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Hi there,

I have been playing around with a container app, I created a revision where the scale is 0-5 with a scale rule of type custom (**azure-servicebus)
I created a secret within the container app for the service bus connection string.

I then added a authentication reference with the secret & a trigger of "connection"

The meta data is following the keda documentation:
activationMessageCount: 1
connectionFromEnv: secretName
nameSpace: ServiceBusNameSpace
queueName: ServiceBusQueueName

But when creating the revision, it always states it is running. I would think with the min scale set to 0 it would be not running until the trigger is set off from the servicebus queue?

Another issue is that it does not scale at all. When sending 30 messages via the queue the metric sits @ 1 replica count.

Please help! I can not find anyone else having this issue - so I am guessing it is just a setup issue.

Thanks in advance!

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