How do I re-create a Web App Service with the same name of a deleted Web App Service on a different subscription than the original subscription?

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  1. Previously, I established a Web App Service under the name X within subscription A and deployed it through DevOps pipelines and Bicep templates. Following successful testing of the automatic deployment of a web application, I sought to proceed with the deployment of the same application, retaining the name X, but this time within a different subscription B (client's subscription in which it was supposed to be deployed actually). I am well aware that the URL must be globally unique, hence I removed the web app from subscription A first.
  2. Subsequently, I proceed with the same deployment methodology in subscription B, utilizing the name X for my web application. Regrettably, this approach did not yield the expected results, as I consistently encountered the following error code:

"The website with the name X already exists."

I looked up on Microsoft threads online and found that there is a Name Reservation policy under which the app service name retains in a specific cooling period for that subscription.

References to the threads:

I would like Microsoft to waive off this cooling period for these specific App Service Names and release them, So that I can deploy them in Client's Subscription.

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    @Khozema Lodhi Further to add:

    As its suggested in previous thread that- For Web app this is due to new feature App Service recently rolled out a Name Reservation feature to protect customers from the threat of subdomain takeovers.

    This new built-in feature creates a name reservation for web application names.

    The name reservation for a given resource name will exist from the moment the resource is created and for a lengthy time period after the resource has been deleted (a cooldown period).

    This means that during the cooldown period after resource deletion, other subscriptions outside of the original creating Azure AD tenant will not be able to create a web application using the same name.

    However, once the cooldown period has ended, the name reservation will be released, and any subscription will then be able to create a web application with that given name.

    See: Name Reservation on App Service for Web Apps and App Service Environment (ASE)


    Option 1: If possible you can wait for the cooling-off period to expire. (unless it was previously used by an internal subscription)

    Option 2: Please reach out to us by sending an email with subject line “Attn:Sneha |thread title” to AzCommunity[at]microsoft[dot]com referencing this thread for help on this.

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    Please create a new support request in the subscription that the name was first used. A support engineer can clear the name reservation so that the name can be deployed into a different subscription before cooldown period expires.

    Create an Azure support request

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