Maui app in window running on mac

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I have maui app run on windows.

it has these feature.

  1. it block the access to cd-rome and usb to insert files from outside to computer

using impersonation.

  1. implementing safe bit locker with impersonation.
  2. implementing safe use of usb with impersonation.
  3. implementing safe burning of cd-rome with impersonation.

what is the best way to implement it in maui? any alternative?


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  1. Bruce ( 54,621 Reputation points

    You have several issues:

    • safe bit locker is windows only feature
    • not sure what your use case of impersonation, but its not a Unix/Mac feature. maybe superuser would work
    • on Unix/Mac, there is one filesystem. usb and cd drives mount into it. you could change the permissions
    • Maui apps for Mac are built as Catalyst Apps. They run in a sandbox and do not have access to usb/cd/dvd drives or superuser.