Adding/Deleting Recovery Keys (works on one account but not the other)

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I have a really strange problem. I have two accounts (this one, the main account from where I'm posting now, @hotmail) and another one (a @gmail account registered on Microsoft).

When logged with my main account, I can't delete any of the Bitlocker keys from, regardless of whether the key is new or old. I have like 20+ or so, none of them can be deleted.

Upon checking on the Network tab (from the browser console) I can see the request being sent to!2088&X-Requested-With=XMLHttpRequest but the response says "Unauthorized"

But when logged with the other account, I can delete any of the Bitlocker keys registered on that account.

Clearly it's an issue with my main account only, but idk why. In the past I have deleted recovery keys with no problem at all.

Thanks in advance.


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