Is there an issue with the backend service running the new API driven inbound provisioning in public preview?

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I have tried this across two tenants and am running into the same issue on both.

I am playing around with the new API driven inbound provisioning to Active Directory that is in public preview. I have set it up according to the documentation and have used both the powershell samples and the postman samples provided. I haven't made any changes to the schema, ensured my payload is correct, the app registration has the right permissions etc.
However, whenever I try to trigger the provisioning by sending a request to the /bulkUpload endpoint, it fails with the following error -

    "error": {
        "code": "UnknownError",
        "message": "Response status code does not indicate success: Unauthorized (401); Substatus: 0; ActivityId: 7b3970e9-16a2-4f90-aacd-48ba908e425f; Reason: (The input authorization token can't serve the request. The wrong key is being used or the expected payload is not built as per the protocol. For more info: Server used the following payload to sign: 'get\n\n\nthu, 14 sep 2023 23:35:35 gmt\n\n'\r\nActivityId: 7b3970e9-16a2-4f90-aacd-48ba908e425f, Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Common/2.14.0, Windows/10.0.20348 cosmos-netstandard-sdk/3.29.4);",
        "innerError": {
            "date": "2023-09-14T23:35:36",
            "request-id": "d7efe198-eeeb-4d4a-a33e-436098899dfb",
            "client-request-id": "d7efe198-eeeb-4d4a-a33e-436098899dfb"

Has anyone else run into this issue?

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  1. Craig McMurtry 0 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    One can communicate directly with the folk running the preview at