I insert HTML codes into Word documents. How can I preview these in Word without needing to use a browser? Do you have an extension for this?

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If I have HTML codes in a Word document, how can I most easily preview what that will look like on the Internet? For example. If my text in Word is this:

<b>The purpose of this set of sample questions is to enable you to become familiar with how the Insight Assessment skills testing interface works.</b><br><br> As with our real tests, basic instructions follow this description screen. <br><br> When you continue into the questions themselves, you will multiple-choice style questions that appear one on a page. Each includes a brief scenario and then a question, along with answer choice options. The scenarios supply the information, you supply the thinking. Select an answer and then go on to the next question. <br><br> After you submit all your responses as a group for scoring, you will see a sample score report. Not to worry. This is not a real test. It is only meant to help you become familiar with how to navigate the online testing system. It's meant to be more fun than a boring tutorial.<br><br> <p style="color:#005A92;">Why a skills test? Because strong critical thinking requires strong reasoning skills to form a thoughtful judgment about what to believe or what to do. Critical thinking applies in every context where we have time to think about a decision we are making or a problem we are solving. People with strong critical thinking are able to use their reasoning skills in concert with one another, like a musician can put performance skills together to make enjoyable music.</p><br> <p style="color:#005A92;">Critical thinking also includes positive habits of mind. A mindset that consistently orients and impels us toward seeking to apply our reasoning skills in an organized, foresightful, truth-seeking, mature, confident, inquisitive, resourceful, and fair-and-open-minded way.</p><br> <p style="color:#005A92;">Critical thinking is developed and strengthened through practice. At our store, Insight Basecamp, you will find many online educational self-development short courses, called Skill Builders, focused on specific skills like analysis, inference, interpretation, evaluation, explanation and numeracy. These skills enable us to think well in ambiguous contexts and in logically precise contexts.</p><br> <b><p style="color:#D99058;">After you finish looking through these sample skills questions, click the "Store" link to see the Skill Builders, as well as the Mindset Boosters, and Deep Dives that you can use to develop your reasoning skills and thinking mindset.</p></b>

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    Word files are not based on HTML. Word interprets all text, including HTML like <b>, as text, not as an HTML formatting command. To preview your HTML, add it to a text file in a text editor, then view that file in a browser.