Is it possible to ERROR CATCH a data import that is setup through the connections GUI?

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I have an Excel spreadsheet that refreshes from an SQL database every 10 minutes. It works great 90% of the time. The other 10% is a timeout error. The problem has been traced to network latency issues that cannot be resolved and bumping up timeout options has not helped. When the read fails a pop-up is displayed. This spreadsheet is running on an unmanned computer, and someone has to click an "OK" button on the pop-up to continue. That means the data is out of date until that happens.

If I could stop this prompt with some sort of ERROR CATCH RESUME, disable the popup, or just tell Excel to abort this attempt to refresh without the pop-up and try again at the next interval, then my problem would be solved.

The import event is setup using the connections GUI screen which does not offer any error handling (see attached image). So, is it possible to code an ERROR CATCH into this automated refresh or just tell the refresh to abort until the next interval? If not, I am looking at moving the import to VBA.

Connection setting

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