in Azure after i established Vnet to Vnet connection, i want to see the routing table where is the routes from other vnet is received? how i can see this

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i have created Virtual Network Gateways on 2 different Vnets and created connections between both , now up and connected.
how i can see the updated routes of each Vnet on the other side? i cannot find a routing table on the Vnet or on the Gateways?

Azure VPN Gateway
Azure VPN Gateway
An Azure service that enables the connection of on-premises networks to Azure through site-to-site virtual private networks.
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Azure Virtual Network
Azure Virtual Network
An Azure networking service that is used to provision private networks and optionally to connect to on-premises datacenters.
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    In the portal, if you navigate to network interface associated with VNet, you can view Effective Routes. For example, navigate to a VM -- Settings -- Networking, click on network interface, and then Help -- Effective routes.

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    When you create Site to Site connection route are learned by the Gateway so you will not find any Route table resource in Azure. Route table is used if you want to enforce any custom route to your subnets (e.g. all traffic to firewall )

    You can check on any Machine the effective route If you don't have any Machine in the Network create NIC for the same

    Under Settings on the left, select Networking, and navigate to the network interface resource by selecting its name. View network interfaces

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