ASP.NET: change label text based on changing numbers

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I am trying to write a program where the output of text of label changes based on sequence of changing numbers.

I have 4 labels that print out the designation of an approver based on ids from the database.

for example:

1=head of college (HOC)

2=head of department (HOD)

3=head of section (HOS)

if the sequence from the table from the database is (1,2,3)

then the labels will be (HOC,HOD,HOS,None)

if the sequence (1,2)

then the labels will be (HOC,HOD,None,None)

and so, on.

the table:


please notice that there are up to 8 approvers and the sequence changes every time the levels of approvers are edited.

any idea how to implement that? thanks.

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