SQL Server slow under Windows 11

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I recently purchased a new Dell XPS 15 with the expectation that I would be able to run some time-consuming SQL Server processes much faster than my old Dell Latitude. However, the new Dell XPS runs the same processes around 5x slower than the old laptop. Both laptops have SQL Server 2017 Developer installed. The only difference and it is a major difference is that the Dell Latitude is running Windows 10 Pro whereas the Dell XPS is running Windows 11 Pro. It appears that SQL Server is simply not using the CPU and memory power of the new Dell XPS laptop.

Is anyone aware of any issue between SQL Server and Windows 11 that causes performance issues?

Are there SQL Server settings that must be adjusted for the new hardware?

I thought that using the latest version of SQL Server might help. So I installed SQL Server 2022 Developer. The results were identical. As a result, my focus has returned to Windows 11.

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