Resizing of Virtual Machine to different SKU

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I need to resize my virtual machine from D2asv5 to B4ms. But unable to process this further. Please suggest the possible way or reason

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Azure Virtual Machines
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    Reason you are not seeing B4ms is because it includes temporary disk whereas the current size does not include temporary disk. When using resize capability, you are limited to sizes with no temporary disk. If your current size included temporary disk, you would be limited to sizes that do include temporary disk. Please see FAQ:

    Can I resize a VM size that has a local temp disk to a VM size with no local temp disk?


    What you can do is stop the VM, create snapshot of disk, create disk from snapshot, then create VM from disk, with B4ms as size. Once you verify the new VM is working okay you can delete the old VM and its disk, network interface, snapshot, etc.

    Below are instructions for the process I just described:

    When creating the new managed disk from the snapshot, be sure to select the correct disk size and type.

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