Enterprise Apps: Password-based SSO apps are not passing credentials correctly and users can't change passwords.

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We are experiencing a couple of weird issues with MyApps page, with our password-based SSO in Enterprise Apps within Azure AD.

1st, it seems like the passwords are not being passed correctly. I have manually typed in the passwords in the admin side, and when people login, it says incorrect username and password. But when I retype the password on the webpage's login screen, it logs into the webpage. So it isn't the password. It has to be something with how the password is being passed to Edge.

2nd, it seems like there are some apps, where the user cannot change their password via the "Manage your application" from the 3 dots of the app. It should give the account and then a pencil to edit the password, but for some apps it is not showing the account at all. So I have to manually change and update their passwords via admin side, which is wrong and should not be. But then in some cases, we're running in the 1st issue. It is not all password-based SSO apps, but it is some.

I created a brand new app for one that wasn't working and have been testing on it.

I can't submit a support ticket because we don't have a paid Azure support account. We are using Azure AD via O365 and Azure AD P1 licenses. I don't understand why we can't put in a ticket for something we're licensed for that is broken.

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