How to Implement Authentication and Authorization in a Blazor WebAssembly App?

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I am developing a Blazor WebAssembly application and need to implement user authentication and authorization. I am considering using IdentityServer4 for this purpose. Can anyone provide guidance or recommend best practices for implementing secure authentication and authorization in a Blazor WebAssembly app?

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  1. Krew Noah 500 Reputation points

    To implement authentication and authorization in a Blazor WebAssembly app, you can use the built-in Authentication and Authorization API provided by ASP.NET Core. Here are the high-level steps:

    1. Setup Authentication: Configure authentication services in the Program.cs of your Blazor WebAssembly app. You can use various authentication providers like IdentityServer4, Azure AD, or Firebase Authentication.
    2. Protect Pages/Components: Use the [Authorize] attribute to protect your Blazor components or pages. Users will need to be authenticated to access these resources.
         @page "/secure"
         @attribute [Authorize]
    3. Access User Information: Inject the AuthenticationStateProvider service into your component to access user information and determine whether the user is authenticated.
         @inject AuthenticationStateProvider AuthenticationStateProvider
    4. Login/Logout: Implement login and logout functionalities using the SignOutManager and SignInManager services.
    5. Test: Ensure to test your implementation with various scenarios to confirm that the authentication and authorization are working as expected.
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  1. Bruce ( 48,476 Reputation points

    First identityserver4 is no longer supported and been replaced by duende, which is generally not a free.

    if you use the blazor WASM individual accounts template, it uses duende for the oauth server.

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