Issue with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) Blocked by AppLocker - Seeking Assistance 🐢

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Hello Microsoft Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently facing an issue with the SmartApp Control in Windows, specifically related to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). I have encountered a situation where AppLocker seems to be blocking my use of WSL, and I'm seeking assistance to resolve this issue.

While I understand that disabling SmartApp Control may be a potential solution, I would prefer to keep this security feature enabled for other aspects of my system.

Therefore, I am looking for guidance on how to configure SmartApp Control to allow the proper functioning of WSL without compromising my system's security.

If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has expertise in configuring SmartApp Control to work seamlessly with WSL, I would greatly appreciate your advice and assistance. Your insights will be invaluable in helping me address this problem while maintaining a secure computing environment.

Thank you in advance for your support, and I look forward to your responses. 🐢

Best regards,


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