Teams Client Hangs when Placing Bot on Hold

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We use the Graph Cloud Communications API for our Teams Calling Bot to place a 1-2-1 call with a Teams user. We have noticed that if the call to the Bot is placed on hold by the Teams client, the client appears to block for around 60 seconds or so. During this time it is not possible to resume the call to the Bot; the resume button appears non-functioning.

What is more of a problem, however, is if the Teams user receives and accepts a new incoming call whilst already in a call with the Bot. In this situation the call with the Bot will automatically be placed on hold but, presumably due to the issue of this hanging the client, the new incoming call is not connected.

We don't believe this is an issue with the Bot and, hence, it looks to be a bug within the Teams client. This has been tested with the Teams Windows Desktop Client.

Steps to Reproduce;

  1. Teams Calling Bot makes 1-2-1 call to Teams user
  2. Teams user answers call
  3. Teams user places call to Bot on hold
  4. [Teams user is unable to resume the call (for approximately 60 seconds)]


  1. Teams Calling Bot makes 1-2-1 call to Teams user A
  2. Teams user A answers call
  3. A second call is placed to the Teams user A from another user B
  4. Teams user A accepts the incoming call
  5. [Teams user A doesn't see an incoming call window appear (or the window hangs) and the call is not connected]

Any help in this matter will be gratefully received. Cheers, Dave

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