Edge browser logs users out after a few minutes - once per browsing session

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We have this strange issue with Edge in our organization, where users are logged out of edge once per session.

The problem manifests as follows:

User opens Edge and logs into some browser based application (like Jira) and is initially authenticated and able to work for a short duration. Shortly thereafter, Edge decides that the user is not authenticated and logs the user out of the application again. The user can then authenticate again, and if the user refrains from closing the browser for the rest of the day, the issue does not appear again. If Edge is closed, then the same will happen again.

if you have multiple tabs open, all tabs are affected by the issue (even if it is widely different applications).

We have tried resetting Edge, the Edge repair tool, checking cookie settings and resetting the cache to clear out stale cookies. The issues still persist. We have also tried InPrivate mode, and the issue is also present there

There is no error messages or information available from the browser console - only the application telling the user they need to log in again (depending on the application in more or less friendly ways).

I have posted a similar question on https://answers.microsoft.com/ and "Paul" kindly guided me here since this is happening in an enterprise setup.
I will appreciate any help I can get, since this problem has been bugging us for some time now (more than 6 months).

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