Azure Machine Learning Missing Dataset Input Version

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I'm using python SDK to perform the following workflow:

  • create a new dataset named "classification_observation_input" (automatically dataset version is increased)
  • invoke pipeline endpoint attaching the dataset create in previous point (so with that specific version)

always worked fine for months but few days ago I had an issue where a pipeline was executed on a dataset of the wrong version.

  • created new dataset (version 146)
  • invoke pipeline with dataset 146
  • Azure Machine Learning execute pipeline with dataset version 145 (the 145 version was created 9 days before!)

Other considerations:

  • The very strange thing is that dataset version 146 is not present into available versions of that dataset (attached screenshot). We never delete a dataset version in any way
  • We tried a test without passing any dataset when invoking pipeline and we see that pipeline is executed with version 1 ( the default value set when we created the pipeline endpoint).

what could have happened?

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