App insights auto instrumentation not working properly - no requests logged but dependencies show up

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I've attempted to use the inter-op feature to have my app ignore the SDK, but it does not appear to be working. I attempted to remove all traces of AppInsights from my code (though there is still an ApplicationInsights.config file remaining after 'uninstalling' via VS). Here's what the status pages of Kudu look like:

Attach Status for Unknown application (PID: 2172) on dw1mdwk000029

  • AppDomain ID 5
  • AppDomain Name /LM/W3SVC/1451195374/ROOT-3-133408567588129977
  • Hosting Startup modules are not loaded.
  • Main Hosting Startup is not loaded. (DiagnosticServices.HostingStartup)
  • Snapshot Collector Hosting Startup is not loaded. (SnapshotCollector.HostingStartup)
  • Application Insights modules are not loaded correctly.
  • Application Insights Codeless SDK is not loaded.
  • Application Insights SDK is not loaded.
  • Application Insights Profiler WebJob installation was executed correctly.
  • Application Insights Snapshot Collector WebJob installation was executed correctly.
  • Instrumentation Engine is loaded.
  • Production Breakpoints is loaded.
  • Host Config Fetcher is loaded.

Application Insights Auto-Instrumentation Status

Status source C:\home\LogFiles\ApplicationInsights\status\status_dw1mdwk000029_2172_2.json

  • Auto-Instrumentation enabled successfully.
  • AppType aspnet
  • MachineName dw1mdwk000029
  • PID 2172
  • AppDomainId 2
  • AppDomainName /LM/W3SVC/1451195374/ROOT-1-133408565360994110
  • InstrumentationEngineLoaded True
  • InstrumentationEngineExtensionLoaded True
  • SiteName conductiv-dev
  • RedfieldIISModuleLoaded True
  • IKeyExists True
  • IKey **
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  1. Ryan Hill 26,236 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Robert Russell

    Referring to Troubleshoot Application Insights auto-instrumentation, make sure that none of the following libraries aren't being referenced after your attempt at scrubbing your app of the SDK.

    • System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource
    • Microsoft.AspNet.TelemetryCorrelation
    • Microsoft.ApplicationInsights

    You can also send a sample availability test from the kudu console of your app service in this guide and query availabilityResults for that sample. This will tell you overall if your Application Insights resource is working correctly.

    If you still don't see anything on the Transaction search blade of your Application Insights resource, comment down below. I'll work with you offline to take a closer look.

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