Adding second account to Edge, PIN is not recognized

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I have a secondary account. I have created a Windows 11 VM on which it is the only account. The PIN works fine in that case.

Next, I try to add this account to Edge on my laptop, which I log on to with this, my primary account...

  1. "Set up new personal profile"
  2. New window opens, "Choose an account", select secondary account, which it memorized the first time I typed it in
  3. "Sign in to sync data" button [1]
  4. Popup dialog - "Use Windows Hello with your account" [2]
  5. Press OK button
  6. Popup dialog - "Sign in" (If I have not done so recently), authorize the secondary account using Microsoft Authenticator for my primary account. [3]
  7. Popup dialog - "Making sure it's you"
    "We need to verify your identity for [secondary account]"
    [PIN prompt]
  8. Cut and paste PIN from my password manager, just as I do to log in to the VM, hit return
  9. "The PIN is incorrect. Try again."
  10. Trying again also fails

Any idea why I can't add this account?

[1] - I have also tried "Start without your data". The path is longer but the results are the same.

[2] - Windows Hello is disabled on this machine.

[3] - I am confused by this step, as it does not seem to actually authorize anything.

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