I have a WINUI3 class library project. I need to pack it as a NuGet and host in my private GitLab hosting.

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I have tried Pack first, and added a Post Pack event to push the NuGet to the hosting location. The problem I faced is, I cannot pack x86 and x64 together.

I have tried Packing Any CPU and it throws a warning,

Because your app is being built as AnyCPU no Microsoft.VCRTForwarders.140 DLLs were copied to your ouput folder. Microsoft.VCRTForwarders.140 only supports x86, x64, or arm64 applications due to a C++ Runtime dependency. Please change your app project architecture to x86, x64, or arm64 in the Configuration Manager.

I have tried Publish and it also works individual.

All I need is to generate a Nupkg file (NuGet) which should support x86 and x64 architecture.

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