New farm shows old proxy and configuration version 2012 r2

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  • production was in 2012 r2 with sql backend.
  • Used adfs rapid restore to create a 2012 r2 farm with WID
  • Added 2022 servers to the newly restored farm and removed the 2012 r2. Raised Farm Behavior level
  • Added two 2022 proxy servers and had each proxy point the to one respective adfs server.

When looked at the configuration from new proxy, it shows the old proxy server entries alongside the new one


 ADFSSignOutUrl                         :

 ADFSTokenAcceptanceDurationSec         : 120

 ADFSTokenSigningCertificatePublicKey   : Automatically Updated

 ADFSUrl                                :

 ADFSWebApplicationProxyRelyingPartyUri : urn:AppProxy:com

 ConfigurationChangesPollingIntervalSec : 30

 **ConfigurationVersion                   : Windows Server 2012 R2**

 **ConnectedServersName                   : {old-proxy1, old-proxy2, new-proxy1, new-proxy2}**

 OAuthAuthenticationURL                 :

 UserIdleTimeoutAction                  : Signout

 UserIdleTimeoutSec                     : 0

 PSComputerName                         :


  • Why does the new proxy cluster show the old ones? Does adfs store proxy information and is that why it shows because we built a parallel farm for migration?
  • Since the new proxies are 2022 how to change the configuration version? Does that change automatically when the old proxies are removed from the list?


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