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I have a code to add an event in a calendar. The code has been working succesfully until few weeks ago when I got the following error:

{"error":{"code":"InvalidAuthenticationToken","message":"IDX14100: JWT is not well formed: 'PII of type 'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Logging.SecurityArtifact' is hidden. For more details, see []', there are no dots (.).\nThe token needs to be in JWS or JWE Compact Serialization Format. (JWS): 'EncodedHeader.EndcodedPayload.EncodedSignature'. (JWE): 'EncodedProtectedHeader.EncodedEncryptedKey.EncodedInitializationVector.EncodedCiphertext.EncodedAuthenticationTag'.","innerError":{"date":"2023-09-27T09:52:24","request-id":"ecf7db65-e055-4b20-b5cd-1a3e746a7c6c","client-request-id":"ecf7db65-e055-4b20-b5cd-1a3e746a7c6c"}}}

The httpRequest for returns status 401.

I'm sending the following headers:


Authorization=Bearer theToken

Nothing seems to have changed in the system. What am I missing?


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    Yes, I've got this problem as well. This is likely a token expiration. After obtaining a new token the issue will go 100%, try it.

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