Why won't photos move from one edited photo to next photo in Microsoft Photos app?

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The “new” PHOTOS needs sorting out.

I have just started to edit hundreds of photos following a two week drive around west-central Spain.

In the old version I could crop, adjust and save and move straight on to the next photo.

With this new version (which suddenly arrived on my laptop without any advanced warning) I edit a photo, make whatever adjustments I want and save it as usual but it doesn’t always allow me to move on to the next one.  It just sits there so that I have to close it down and find the next one in my file.  It’s driving me mad.  It’s crazy.  Sometimes I can move to the next one, sometimes I can’t.

Can Microsoft please tell me what the hell is going on?  And tell me how to stop this happening.  It’s going to take me months to edit all the photos at this rate !!!!

I’m also very unhappy with all the extra “Light” adjustments. I really don’t see the advantages of so many choices - and what the hell are “highlights” and “shadows” supposed to do?

Nicking other company’s ideas like Mark-up and Filter could be useful I suppose but why didn’t they add the ability to input titles as well.  That would have been really useful.

The ONLY thing I find better is the ability to remove large “spots” (I can now get rid of garish red road signs).  Buy WHY call it “Retouch”?  Click on Retouch and it goes to one link called Spot Fix, which what it’s always been called.  Madness !!!

Can someone in Microsoft please read this and let me know how to deal with the problem I’ve described in my 4<sup>th</sup> & 5<sup>th</sup> paragraphs.

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